Rachel B, Bradwell

Foundation Double Science (AQA)

"Joanie’s help and bespoke support was invaluable in preparing my son for his GCSE’s. Joanie had a way of explaining the course content, in a language he understood! Alongside this, the methodical approach she facilitated, allowed him to understand what the questions were asking. Joanie was always on hand to answer any questions from both my son and myself! I have no hesitation in recommending Joanie!"  

Tracey F, Bradwell

Higher Double Science (AQA)

“Joanie tutored both of my children in their final year leading up to GCSEs. I can’t speak highly enough of Joanie, she was always reliable, punctual and also very flexible when after school interventions began. Joanie helped my daughter move up 2 levels and helped my son to hopefully achieve a high grade (gained a 7/8).  Joanie takes personal pride in her students achievements and I would say that she was almost as happy as me when my daughter achieved excellent grades!"  

Deborah S, Lowestoft

Higher Triple Science - Bio, Chem, Physics (AQA)

"We can highly recommend Joanie as a tutor as she has been working with my daughter for almost 18 months. She was originally asked to assist with AQA Biology GCSE because of my daughter’s diminished school attendance due to poor health.  Joanie facilitated the journey in empowering my daughter to increase her grades from grade 5 to grade 9. It then became apparent that my daughter was also struggling with both Chemistry and Physics GCSE and Joanie was able to allocate her time effectively to be flexible enough to work on any project throughout the AQA Triple Science syllabus; aiding my daughter’s development from a grade 4 to a grade 9 in Physics in  a matter of 4 months.

Joanie has excellent communication skills in addition to being organised, reliable and computer literate. Joanie was able to change her allocated tutoring session/day if required and could even work during the school holidays if necessary. Joanie is therefore dependable, reliable and hardworking providing all the necessary materials/documents/folders and past papers to assist with the studies. Joanie was even able to adjust her teaching methods to suit my daughter’s learning style which increased my daughter’s knowledge base and confidence in  areas where she was lacking. Joanie, above all, was conscientious and hardworking, adjusting each lesson to meet individual learning needs.

Joanie has definitely been an asset to my daughter’s education

Kiersten W, Lowestoft

Higher Triple Physics (Edexcel)

"I can’t speak highly enough of Joanie! She’s marvellous! Despite being inundated with pre-GCSE work, she agreed to help my Y9 daughter to catch up in physics. (My daughter had not formally encountered physics before, having attended a Steiner School previously.) She is very accommodating with her time; makes the sessions interesting, relevant, and engaging; and prepares lessons specifically tailored to my daughter’s needs beforehand. My daughter sat her first physics assessment this week and came home feeling very positive about it, having discovered that she actually knew more about the topic than children who had been in the class from the beginning of the year! I think my daughter summed up our feelings best when she said: “I wish Joanie was our school physics teacher.”  

Rachel, Oulton Broad   

Triple Science - Bio (H), Chem (H), Physics (F) (Edexcel)

"Fantastic science tutor would thoroughly recommend"

Maddie T, Beccles 

Foundation Double Science (AQA)

"Thank you so much for your help with my daughter's tuition. I know she liked you very much and you helped her immensely, giving her confidence in all her exams. She looks forward to working with you next year."